If you changed your approach to culture and structure, how much more would it generate in growth, revenue, and better people?

The next generation is already rising up, the needs already exists. Your business is going to be ready…or not. The need for a culture of connection and engagement in the workplace is escalating with the rise of the next generation. They seek a culture in which they have a voice and feel valued.


A recent Gallop Poll shows 74% of American workers are NOT engaged in their work, rather they are disconnected. This disconnection jumps to 89% for the global workforce.

The average next generation tenure at a company is 1.5 years. Organizations will need to adjust to survive, if not innovate and thrive, as this new generation increases in the workplace.


Do you know the hidden costs of a disengaged workforce?


decrease in a company’s overall operating income, creating a culture of scarcity


decrease in earnings growth, thus reducing any competitive advantages gained elsewhere


of Employers think it’s about money when in fact only 12% of employees leave for more money


performance loss versus companies with a higher degree of engagement built into their culture (Gallup)

A Corporate Leadership Council study shows that a workforce not connected and engaged is 87% more likely to leave an organization, costing businesses millions of dollars.

A disengaged, disconnected environment has no future.
What are you doing to change the future?

Make the Right Changes