At RISE we see ourselves as Culture Architects, partnering with corporations to build a new business model that creates a culture of innovation for years to come.

RISE exists to bring a revolution to the marketplace through shifting company cultures and renovating operating structures. We offer a wide range of consulting services with experts in multiple fields. We focus on:

Building a connection culture that draws out identity, gifting, and innovation

Creating an operating structure that bridges generations

The successful integration of the next generation in the workplace

An integration that creates revelation and “flow” resulting in increased productivity and profitability


RISE Global Consulting comes alongside you and your existing structure, providing assessment, revelation, and strategy. We then walk with you through implementing solutions unique to your corporation’s needs. Our Certified Business Management Analysts have the training and experience to help you re-design your corporate structure integrating your whole business in the solution.

To change a culture it starts at the top with a long view in mind.

RISE begins with C-Suite leadership because rethinking a company’s culture starts at the top. We know the greatest impact comes from those responsible for directing the vision. Rethinking how a people connect and engage has lasting value and the tectonic momentum necessary to move to a stronger, prolific work environment.

We utilize TTI Success Insights to provide a voice to your employee’s best self, as well as Sales Skills Index Assessments and Benchmarking for hiring the best fit for your culture. We work with your managers to do the assessments so you can have the most direct line to knowing where your culture can grow.

Change takes time and RISE is your partner for the long haul. We aren’t a quick fix consulting firm because we know the value of lasting change comes over time, keeping the long view front and center. To make lasting change we provide assessment, evaluation, discovery, strategy and walk with you through implementation of solutions unique to your corporation’s needs.

“…there’s a strong correlation between employee engagement and long-term company performance.” -Benno Dorer, Chairman and CEO, The Clorox Company

An innovative, thriving culture is in your people, your operating structure, the fabric and design of your workplace, the use of space to facilitate connection and even in your company brand. We partner with some of the most innovative designers, architects, and craftsmen to help your company thrive and rise to the top of your industry.

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