An Unbridled Case Study

What does it look like when you build a company with culture at the center?

Unbridled is an event management, production, and creative agency with a business model built on culture as the bottom line. Success is measured not solely in dollars but on how true they remain to their culture. Are people growing into their destinies? Is authenticity constantly being fostered? Where are opportunities to be radically generous?

The result is a connected and engaged collaboration of individuals learning what it means to step into their best self while the company sees 32% year-over-year revenue growth, giving the first 20% to nonprofits.

The Elements of Unbridled’s Culture

Built on a foundation of values. Bottom line. Top priority.

To elevate people, communities, and cities through the Unbridled business model


To unbridle our unique identity by fearlessly collaborating and continually calling each other into greater realities


To relentlessly pursue honor, excellence, authenticity, and goodwill


To boldly and fearlessly go into endeavors that stretch our boundaries

The Three Core Operating Philosophies

We are collaborators in each other’s destiny

We are continually calling each other up and into who we are created to be, believing in the inherent goodness of each individual and their unique contribution.

We foster a culture of authenticity

A culture of authenticity creates an ecosystem — not an egosystem — in which everybody is elevated and unrestrained to run faster, create fearlessly, and celebrate others.

We are a business of radical generosity

Discovering our destiny and learning to live authentically opens our eyes to see a world in need through the lens of truth, charity, and selflessness.

Ultimately our goal is to transform communities – beyond just our clients into the cities in which we operate.
We call it our Radical Generosity Model or 20/20/60. The better we do as a company, the more good we can do in the world.

Our first 20% goes to UnbridledACTS, because through it, we are changed and become a part of changing the world.


Another 20% gets reinvested because the world is uncertain, and we’ve seen enough to know it’s wise to prepare for tomorrow.


We believe success can only be fully enjoyed by sharing it with others. For that reason, we share 60% of our success with our shareholders. Together we grow, multipy, and inspire a movement.


Does a Business Model Built on Culture Work?


of employees with equity in new brands


Annual Employee Turnover (industry average is 49% per quarter)


Client Retention


Year-over-year revenue growth since 2011


Million given to charity


of 401k Match for the past 4 years up to 3%

The better Unbridled does as a company, the more good they can do in the world.
“It all fails if we are not authentic, open, and true to each other.”
– Stan Bullis, Founder